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Partner with us at INB Events by becoming one of our Sponsors at the Tampa Bay Home + Holiday Show, which we are producing at the Tampa Bay Convention Center from November 8-10, 2019. Sponsorship will offer your company the opportunity to get thousands of eyes on your business, gaining you maximum exposure, high visibility at the event itself, and, ultimately, a dramatic increase in your company’s brand awareness and recognition in your local community. Benefit from showing your products and services to thousands of customers in-person, and take advantage of our massive marketing initiative to get your company name in front of huge numbers of potential clients through our Newspaper, TV, Radio, Social Media, Billboard and Digital advertising campaigns. Let us help you satisfy your sales and marketing objectives by maximizing your exposure to potential clients in your area at multiple touchpoints: before the event through our marketing campaigns, during the event through prime booth location and prominent logo display on all marketing collateral, and after the event with leads generated during the show. For additional sponsorship information, please contact Dan by phone at +1-305-677-9919 or via e-mail at dan@inbevents.com. 

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